Antoinette Corset

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100% linen deconstructed vintage looking victorian corset with a modern twist, adjustable and versatile, l you can pair for day to day look until couture night gown , what a dream !

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Size Measurement :

Under Bust : 81 – 91 cm
Waist : 67 – 77 cm
Length 20 cm
Adjustable by using straps at the back.



( 100% Linen ) Fabric content:
-Woven from stems of flax
-2x the strength of cotton
-Absorbs and releases perspiration quickly
-Light weight
-Does not stretch

-Hand wash or dry clean
-Cool or lukewarm temperature ( Never hot or cold )
-Iron when the fabric still damp
-Use press cloth between garment and iron
-Turn fabric inside out to avoid marks and shine

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